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Blogging Basics for Busy Small Biz Owners

Today’s topic … blogging!

blogging basics puzzle

Thought I’d share some of the blogging basics that help me write – meaning me as the small business owner, not the marketing consultant.

(I love to blog … such a free form or writing. And it tickles me that my son seems to share my love of writing; he wants to be an illustrator and an author! Moving along …)

Blogging … Why do you blog?

Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion gives us 50 reasons to blog. For me, reason #30 just popped out and grabbed my attention! But there are lots of others.

  • Writing inspires more writing. Teaching inspires better teaching. Listening inspires even better listening. This is the essence of a blog.

  • People will view you as the expert voice of your industry — the go to place of information, teaching, and enlightenment.

  • Instead of being a part of the problem, you’ll now be a part of the solution.

What stands out to you? Why do you blog?

But you’re not just blogging for yourself.

So, after you post a blog what do you do? How do you get others excited enough to read your blog? How do you share it with the world, so to speak?

For me, I tapped into a 12-Step Checklist (now an infographic). I may not do everything on it, but it sure helps me to remember some of those little things like “shorten your post’s URL.”

What to write about today …

Ever have writer’s block? I do. Or maybe it’s just a time thing. I subscribe to Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics and I just love it! Every week I get an email with lots of blog topic ideas. Now my problem is that I need to finish the ones I’ve started!

Avoiding the “shiny object distraction” syndrome.

distracted by others ~ © Lvnel -

For me its about finding the right tools to make me productive … There are so many things going on every day that distract me. I often forget to write down or make note of something that would make a great topic to blog about. Here’s 10 Time-Saving Blogging Tips that may help you avoid those very distracting things.

Need a little help focusing on what you need to write? Check out focusbooster. It’s a simple app designed to help you focus and concentrate on the task at hand. I know when I sit down to write, its so easy to lose track of time … before you know it, a couple hours have gone by!

What are the tools and resources you use to keep you on course with your blogging?

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