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Weekly Round-up: 5 Posts to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social media … what’s on your mind? Lately it seems like my discussions on social media have centered around how to be more strategic, how to use it to build business. Since there’s so much written I thought I’d share a few articles that I found interesting this week.

social media mindmap with upward arrows - © onflying -

Your Social Media Bucket List: What Your Strategy Can’t Live Without

What’s your bucket list? What areas of social media do you want to master … that will help you be more successful? For me, I want to get better at #1, using Stumble Upon, #5 and #8. How about you?

Social Media Today

50 Blogging Benefits that Will Change Your Business Forever

Why do you blog? My top two reasons from this list are #30 and #50. Read on … what stands out to you?

  • Writing inspires more writing. Teaching inspires better teaching. Listening inspires even better listening. This is the essence of a blog.

  • People around the world will thank you for caring, teaching, and helping. As you give value and work to solve problems, no matter the niche or field, you’ll be blessing the lives of others. Ultimately, is there any greater benefit than this?

The Sales Lion

LinkedIn & ROI: Interview with Viveka Von Rosen

What metrics are you measuring for social media … monetary investment, time investment, return on influence or something else? Find 12 questions you should be asking when determining ROI with LinkedIn.

Top Dog Social Media – Interview with Viveka Von Rosen

turning prospect to client - © Olivier Le Moal -

7 Ways to Prospect for New Customers with LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn? How is that working for you? I’m not using it like I should but I think these tips from Social Media Examiner give me some places to start being more active.

Social Media Examiner

9 Social Media Hacks I Use Every Day

Social media can be a drain on your time. For me, it also contributes to the “shiny-object-distraction” syndrome I suffer from. Check out these “hacks” as Jay Baer refers to them to help you save some time.

Convince and Convert

What social media strategies are you using to build your business? What tools and resources have you found helpful? What social media topics are top of mind for you?

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